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Hello and welcome to the Intrepid Explorer! A space station where people of all races, species and genders come together to mingle and find out more about each other. Come, I'll show you around and introduce myself in the process.

I am a bilingual non-union Hungarian voice actor who moved to London at the age of 7 and now resides up north in Carlisle. I began my training in 2020, starting with courses from Gravy For The Brain and moving onto coaches like Rachael Naylor, as well as conferences such as Get Your Game On. I am also a proud student of Eliza Jane Schneider's Character Acting Program for 2 years.

Fun is the name of the game in the booth and with my laidback attitude I make it easy to achieve while still striving with all I have to get the performance that will blow your clients’ socks off. The VO adventure ahead of me is long, care to join me on this journey?

A sneak peek of me gremlining in my box of mouth noises
  • Sennheiser MK4 Condenser Microphone

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

  • Reaper DAW

  • Wired Internet

  • Source Connect

  • Turnaround time usually within 24 hours of receiving the script

I didn't always plan on being a voice actor, originally I wanted to be a psychologist because I am interested in people and what made them tick. I took it all the way to University in 2020, right in time for the pandemic to hit. I got to be locked in a tiny room, no socialising, no exploring, none of the typical "university experience" people go there for, nothing.  Did you know that a large part of psychology is looking at your own experiments and other people's studies and doing statistics to see how likely it is that they are right? Because I sure didn't when I signed up for this course. So there I was just me, my thoughts and regrets, and a large stack of statistics. The perfect recipe for sad soup. (pictured on the right).

However my fate turned for the better when I happened to stumble on some adverts about voice acting courses, and after taking them and enjoying them far more than any work I had ever done before, I made a commitment to give my body and soul to work on this and improve myself. I'm still on this path and have no intention of stopping because I feel this is a place I can make a positive impact on the world and spread joy through the characters and stories I embody.

Bowl of tear storage
Pure Artistry
Brings a tear to my eye
How Could You :(
Ah Hah! You thought you could hide tiny patch of unlabeled stars
Et tu Brutus?
Ah Hah! You thought you could hide tiny patch of unlabeled stars
The stars themselves lend to the scale of characters I will embody
The stars themselves lend to the scale of characters I will embody
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